Na Poi Test Pressing

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  • Na Poi Test Pressing
  • Na Poi Test Pressing
  • Na Poi Test Pressing

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This is your chance to own a rare piece of Fela Kuti vinyl for your collection.  This is a test pressing from Knitting Factory Records for their new 2015 release of the title.  These unique pieces of vinyl, with just twelve of each title in existence, are the very first created in the factory and serve as literal test to check a record's final sound.  

Test pressings do not include artwork as they are housed in a plain white DJ sleeve.  Each copy varies slightly with handwritten details on one side.

The “Na Poi” album contains a later version of Fela’s scandalous hit “Na Poi”, in which Fela details what happens between a man and a woman behind closed doors. Originally banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Company for its taboo sexual lyrics, the version on this eponymous album interchanges spoken word and sung lyrics over the Africa 70 horn play, spanning not only the complete a-side of the record, but the first part of the b-side as well – clocking in over 25 minutes. The record finishes with “You No Go Die….Unless”, a hard-hitting funk tune that displays Fela’s bravado as he instructs people not to fear death, because, he explains, they won’t die until they’re ready to die. Again Fela is playing provocateur to the ruling regime, essentially announcing his fearlessness in the face of their brutality.


01. Na Poi, Pt. 1
02. Na Poi, Pt. 2
03. You No Go Die…..Unless

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