'Forest National' by Marc Borgers | Poster

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  • 'Forest National' by Marc Borgers | Poster
  • 'Forest National' by Marc Borgers | Poster
  • 'Forest National' by Marc Borgers | Poster

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Forest National by Marc Borgers

Printed on a high-quality, 12 pt semi-gloss poster stock
Measures: 27" x 39"

In March 1981, Marc Borgers, artist and publisher heading the SOLDES-Fins de Séries international Revue in Brussels, organised with his friends and Martin Messonier the first Fela Kuti’s concert in Benelux. They chose the biggest venue in Belgium, Forest National, in Brussels. To fill this 8,000 people venue, it involved a strong communication plan by making Fela Anikulapo Kuti known through the numerous free radios airings and by displaying posters all across the country. This was the volunteer work of SOLDES Revue and this poster was designed for the campaign by the artist Marc Borgers (also for the love of art). At the time, Fela was only known by specialists in Belgium and Holland. His concert was sold out after a month of hype. Three months later, this poster won several honorific prizes in Europe ; music addicts requested to have it for their collection ; it was also displayed in more than 100 copies in the Shrine (the walls can be seen in a documentary of this period). This poster was created with personal typographies and few documents, especially with a tiny picture of Alaké, one of Fela’s wives. This picture was taken with a disposable camera in Lagos and then entirely redrawn by Marc Borgers for this famous poster.

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